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We visited an endodontist today to deal with a failed root canal.

This action triggered a need to be more money conscious so that health bills do not overwhelm our budget.

The trigger metaphor related more to having a party rather than being more money conscious. To be specific, there was a period of habitual behavior more closely related to the pre-money-conscious.

Call it anxiety that relates to a visit to the dentist. We quashed the anxiety the old fashioned way. Shots of Jameson.

50 years after high school

These are High School friends. We all went to St. Matthew Grade School.

Stories about each person:

Tom and I met clapping erasers together after school. We have loving memories of the nuns at St. Matthew School.

Perry had the first motor cycle I sat on with the engine running.

Steve and I took a bicycle trip to his cousin’s turkey farm in Stratford. We also watched his other cousin practice as a Packer Cheerleader. The whole trip was almost 100 miles.

Barbara’s dad was my first basketball coach.

Mary [insert story here]



Can you journal inside an empty blog?

sun          mon        tue         wed        thurs          fri         sat

30           31              1                   2               3            4               5                                       6               7             8                    9                 10           11         12                                  13          14            15                16             17         18                                                     19

14 Wausau trip leave

15 Lunch or Dinner with Lorna and Wayne

17 BlueGrass fest at 6:30

My blog has been out here for years. It has never had traffic. This proves two things; that blogs need to be promoted and that I don’t promote my blog very well.

But rather than throw everything away, I think I will just use it to journal my daily stuff.

For example, I can get a working calendar and link to it from my ipad.

7/31/18 I can add lines like this to record fleeting thoughts to “paper”