New Try


If this writing is close to publication, these first lines will have been so altered that they won’t be here anymore. If you are reading this now, it may be for one of the following reasons: 

1. You have volunteered to help. 

2. You have requested an explanation of what is meant by the “First Church of Basketball” 

3. You have found a copy that was misplaced 

4. My family is sorting through my old writings because my funeral has occurred. 

5. You have been invited to participate in a writing project that needs feedback from children. 

6. {insert other apologies here later…} 

Child discovers hoard of old notes

Photo removed: 9 stacks on the old table

Ed.note: (maybe) Move the next section up, ahead of everything. Voice of the narration is shifted to a grandchild discovering a grandfather’s old basketball notes, similar to the following,

“When my mom was in High School, she and a friend photocopied the notes and instructions of several different basketball coaches. Significant statements were clipped out and pasted to a large paper poster. Each significant thought on playing basketball was placed near similar ideas by each of the other coaches. The plan was to rewrite the known teachings into one grand plan for use as the curriculum for a school of basketball. The posters were a checklist so that nothing significant would be overlooked.”

After introducing the mom’s project, the child mentions how her grandfather’s notes are to follow, pretty much intact. Never published; put aside. 

Photo removed: two old posters

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