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Purging old documents – box 1

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Now that we have sold our house in Duluth, there are 100s of moving boxes to open and put their contents away. This posting is a report on the first box to be processed.

When I left Milwaukee (28 years ago) I had a strong feeling that many of the documents I worked with would be valuable again someday. The file folder tabs from the first box of saved documents are shown above.

In the “brass” folder were a few documents from custom displays that were build of brass. There were only a few jobs made of brass in the ten years I was working there so that folder was easy to throw away.

Mailing lists were a big part of my business. I remember when my girls basketball team got together to stuff envelopes. We were able to purchase basketballs, knee pads, a no-dribble ball and other equipment. Another mailing was done at home and my mother and daughters teamed up to stuff enough envelopes to buy a piano. It cost almost $ 2000.  Last week we paid a guy $110 to take away that same piano.

I will post entries for other boxes that I empty out.

BTW, this whole exercise is mostly for me; to practice typing so that eventually I can qualify as a writer. In the mean time, these entries allow me to memorialize evidence of my genius workflow before I send it to the landfill.


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Had a vivid dream last night. I was very happy to be working as a job site supervisor. For awhile I was working with a kindergarten teacher who was using an obsolete computer program. After talking for awhile over coffee (mine had a half inch of sand at the bottom of the cup) I agreed to work on a solution during my free time so the authorities would not see that the teacher was being helped.

The next seen had me out in a parking lot. Large trucks, medium sized trucks, small trucks, cars, carts, wheel barrows, and people holding boxes were lined up, waiting to be processed.

They all had collections of excuses, complaints and requests for deferrals. Some were on colored paper. Written notes, typed notes, and old newspaper articles were all spread out over large tables. Once in a while the processers would glance up at the supervisor (me) and give a knowing glance as they filed the complaints. We would roll our eyes knowingly as the more experienced processors quickly filed the statements on similar stacks.