This page was converted to a receiver landing for importing “The First Church of Basketball” to my website.

First Church of Basketball

Be warned that fake  comments are edited out to mollify anxiety of younger students. The following content is for upper level students.

This first entry was done on May 16, 2020.



If this writing is close to publication, these first lines will have been so altered that they won’t be here anymore.

If you are reading this now, it is because of one of the following reasons:

1.You have volunteered to help.

2.You have requested an explanation of what is meant by the “First Church of Basketball”

3.You have found a copy that was misplaced

4.My family is sorting through my old writings because I have passed away.

5.{insert other apologies here later…}

6 thoughts on “1cb”

  1. Hi Hank —

    It was good to meet you this morning! I’m planning on going to the August 9th SMB-TP. Hope to see you there!

    — Joel

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