This is my home page. By definition, a “home page” is the starting point of a visit to a web site. This site is a personal blog that has another blog inside.

If you are a new student, you may be looking for “How Computers Work 101”. It is above, just to the right of the word “HOME”. Click on it to see the page we used in class.

All public pages have the following purple box:

This is my awkward way of having personal blog and a public blog without duplication of the tasks necessary to run two separate blogs.  My personal messages come after the purple box, so only go there at your own risk (It might seem boring to a stranger.)

I make no excuse for having a messy, out-of-date blog.  For one thing, I am retired so I get to do whatever I want. My behavior here does not conform to any employer’s threats about wasting time or maintaining corporate standards.

I’m not even sure that if you do reply, that anything will happen. Eventually I want to know when people leave a comment, but that is deeper into my “WordPress” operating manual.

To reply directly to the admin (me), email directly to: