When does anecdotal advice become public domain? (For me, three strikes.)

When does anecdotal advice become public domain?

I was looking for an author of a quotation and a funny thing happened. When I “googled” the title of an article that I set aside last year, 98 percent of the same article, word for word, came up as written by three different authors.

My first thought was, “… now the information is public domain property, copy it and use it as my own.”

A phone call to one of the authors clarified the situation. The words came from a business franchise that packages a boilerplate of soul searching dialog. Reminds me of Dr. Phil’s anecdotal scripting that brings the best (or worst) out of his show mates.

When does anecdotal advice become public domain?

For me it happens at three strikes, their out.

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There is a spiral bound stack of handouts from job seek seminars and workshops that I have attended over the years.  The oldest flyer is dated 1999. I am taking common expressions used, referring back to the source of information, if known. There may be a few items that do not have a reference to source. My apologies to the authors. Notify me, I’ll take it out.
This personal collection is accompanied by links to commercial enterprises that I came across while browsing the Internet. I am not recommending any of them, just suggesting them for information purposes.
If you have any “go to” documents that you think are great, send them to me if you want them in the collection. Please provide sourcing information.  All documents will be authenticated before scanning. Successful submissions will be posted and credited to you on the blog at Softwarehank.com