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There is a collection of books, job-seek seminars and workshops that I have attended and given during my employment as a job coach. The collection started when I got laid off in 1995.

Within this blog are renditions of those books, and suggestions.

Of those few items that do not have a formally sourced reference, my apologies to the author. If I have reworked an original concept without giving proper credit, sorry.

“If it takes off, all this will be re-written to follow future trends”.

If you find any “go to” documents or ideas that you think are great, send them to me for consideration of inclusion here. Reply comments are authenticated and may be edited before posting. Please provide your author information as you want it presented.. Successful submissions will be posted and credited to you on the blog at

If you have any ideas on how to improve this blog, reply with a comment. Look it over. Many areas need editing and additional information.


Get a Job: This personal collection of job search anecdotes are accompanied by links to educational and commercial enterprises that I came across over the years. I am not recommending any of them any more than all of them.

To each job seeker I suggest to “get your own” list of lists that recommend how you find your new job. There is nothing magic about this stuff. If we have had a conversation, I probably have already told you that YOU are the one that will figure out how you will get a job.

The following links are dropped here for the merit of anyone seeking a job.

the Right Resume

Job Boards

The following 9 steps are suggestions only.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Network is a Verb and a Noun

Get a Job

Admit You are Looking

Build your brand

Keep a journal

Work your job search “like a job”

You can get a job without a resume but you can’t get a job without an Interview

Accept or Decline and Follow Up

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