Quixote’s Basement (books for sale)

For those who aren’t familiar with the story, Don Quixote was a man who studied so many ancient books that his family thought he went mad. Obsessed with the idea that the world needed saving, he went from one adventure to another, famously remembered for “tilting windmills” (a metaphor for solving problems that did not really need solving).

Once when he returned from one of his adventures (bedridden from being beaten up, again), his niece conspired with the local priest to get rid of his library, thinking it was the source of his vigilante behavior. They burned most of the books in the back yard and sealed up the doorway to the library.

When he recovered, he went to where the door to the library had been, but could not find his books. When he asked his niece where his books were, she played dumb, and he eventually forgot about the books.

I have a large library of old books that are the basis for my own style of obsessive thinking but I have hidden them in my basement so no one will throw them away.

I have occasionally offered them for sale son anything with a line through it is gone. There are “occult” and spiritual books. If anyone has read this far, you may be interested in purchasing a books. Let’s talk. Individual books are more expensive than boxes. An offer for all my books would have the best price. I would consider a book burning (you may attend) for a reasonable fee.

Partial listing:

Andersen               Three Magic Words                                         box 1

Andersen               Secret of Secrets                                            box 1

Armstrong              The US and Britain in Prophesy                        box 4

Armstrong              Miscellaneous                                                 box 4

Armstrong              Mystery of the Ages                                        box 4

Armstrong              You Can Understand Bible Prophesy                box 4

Bach                      Jonathon Livingston Seagull                            box 2 ppr

Bach                      Illusions                                                          box 2 ppr

Bach                      Illusions                                                          box 2 w/jack

Backhouse             The Lindesfarne Gospels

Baisnee                 Readings in Natural Theosophy

Bannerman-            Amulets & Birthstones                                     box 1

Barrett                   Palmistry                                                        box 2 w/jack

Bennett                  Practical Time Travel                                        box 1

Bentov                   Stalking the Wild Pendulum                             box 2

Bessant                 In the Outer Court                                            box 1

Blakney                 The Way of Life                                               box 4

Blavatsky               Abr. Secret Doctrine                                        box 1

Blavatsky               Isis Unveiled (2 vols)                                       box 1 dust cover

Bloom                   Global Brain                                                    box 2

Bloom                   The Lucifer Principle                                        box 2

Bloom                   The Rise of the Cup and Saucer                       box 2 note book

Boliska                  The Maharishi Says                                         box 4

Boulogne               My Friends the Senses                                    box 2

Byles                     Gautama the Buddha                                       box 4

Campbell               Myths to Live By                                             box 2

Carr                       The Gospel according to Zen                           box 4

Castaneda             A Separate Reality                                           box 2

Chiba                     The Japanese Fortune Calendar

Crow                      Precious Stones                                              box 1

Dass                     Grist for the Mill                                              box 2 ppr

Dass et al              Seed                                                           box 2 ppr w/poster and cards

Dass et al              Be Here Now                                                   box 2

Dawson                 Religion and the Rise of Western Culture          box 4

de Laurence           The Master Key             box 1 dust cover old intact, book in good shape

Dharma Sara          Between Pleasure and Pain                              box 4

Dumoulin               Zen Origins and Meaning                                 box 4

Eastman                The Ways of Religions                                     box 4

Eberhard                Folk Tales of China                                         box 4

Eddy                     No and Yes                                                     box 1

Eddy                     Science and Health                                          box 2

Eddy                     Science and Health                                          box 1

Eddy                     Science and Health                                          box 2

Edgerton               The Bhagavad Gita                                          box 4

Eisler, Riane           The Chalice & the Blade

Embree                  The Hindu Tradition                                          box 4

Fisher                    Tranquility without Drugs                                  box 4

Flurry                     Raising the Ruins                                            box 4

Forem                    Transcendental Meditation                               box 4

Franck                   The Kabbalah                                                  box 2

Free John              The Fire Gospel                                               box 2 ppr

Free John              Look at the Sunlight on the Water                     box 2 ppr

Free John              The Eating Gorilla                                            box 2

Free John              The Knee of Listening                                      box 2 ppr

Furfey                    The Mystery of Inquiry                                     box 1

George                  Golden Book of Reconstruction Letters 2         box 1

George                  How to Succeed in the Study of Astrology       box 1 rusty staples

George                  How to Succeed in the Study of Astrology       box 1 rusty staples

George                  Golden Book of Reconstruction Letters 1         box 1

Gibran                   The Prophet                                                    box 2  w/dust j

Govinda                 Foundations of Tibetian Mysticism

Graham                  The Rainbow Book                                          box 4

Gross                    It Just Is                                                          box 3 album

Guenther                Buddhist Philosophy

Guenther                Buddhist Philosophy                                       box 4

Guillaumont            The Gospel Accourding to Thomas                  box 1

Herberg                 Protestant Catholic Jew                                   box 4

Herrigel                  Zen in the Art of Archery                                  box 4

Hittleman               Guide to Yoga Meditation                                box 4

Hoffer                    The True Believer                                             box 2 ppr bad shape

Hughes                  Tha Smokeless Fire                                         box 2

Kalt & Wilkins         Th Religions of Man                                        box 4

Keyes                    Handbook to Higher Consciousness                box 2 ppr

Kiernan                  The Wisdom of Ghandi                                    box 4

Krishnamurti           The First and Last Freedom                             box 2

Krishnamurti           Life Ahead                                                      box 2

Krishnamurti           Talks in Europe 1967                                       box 2

Krishnamurti           The Flame of Attention                                    box 2

Krishnamurti           The Flight of the Eagle                                    box 2

Krishnamurti           Think on These Things                                     box 2

Lande                    Mindstyles Lifestyles                                       box 4

Lane                      Sunshine and Moonbeams                               box 1

Levitt                     The Spirit of Sung Myung Moon                       box 2

Lilly                       The Center of the cyclone                                box 2 w/dust jacket

Lilly                       Programming and Metaprogramming in            box 2 ppr

Lilly                       The Mind of the Dolphin                                  box 2 ppr

Lilly                       The Center of the Cyclone                                box 2 ppr

Lilly                       Simulations of God                                         box 2 ppr

Mahesh Yogi          Transcendental Meditation                               box 4

Mahesh Yogi          Transcendental Meditation

Mathers                 The Kabbalah Unveiled                  box 1 dust cover, book in good shape

Mehta                    Karma Cola                                                     box 2 ppr

Mohan                   The Original Key to 6 and 7 Books of               box 1

Mooney                 Storming Eastern Temples                               box 4

Murad                    In the Garden                                                  box 2

Ouspensky            In Search of the Miraculous

Ouspensky            Tertium Organum

Palms                    The Christian and the Occult                             box 1

Pearson & Shaw     Life Extension                                                 box 2 w/jack

Prabhupada           The Bhagavad Gita as It is                               box 4 w/jack

Rampa                   Wisdom of the Ancients                                  box 1

Raphael                 Raphael’s Ancient Manuscript                          box 1

Readers Digest      The Worlds Last Mysteries                               box 4

Readers Digest      Great Mysteries of the Past                             box 4

Rosicrucians          Ephermis 1982                                                box 1

Rudolph                 Gnosis                                                            box 2 ppr

Savary and Miller    Mindways                                                       box 4

Schaya                  The Univarsal Meaning of the Kabbalah            box 2 ppr

Schimmel               The Mystery of Numbers

Schoeps                The Religions of Mankind                                box 4

Schuler                  Tough Times Never Last (2 copies)                   box 4

Schuler                  Prayer: My Souls Adventure With God              box 4

Schuler                  The Be Attitudes                                              box 4

Selig                      Secrets of the Psalms 2                                  box 1

Selig                      Secrets of the Psalms 1                                  box 1

Shinn                     Your Word is your Wand 1                               box 1

Shinn                     Your Word is your Wand 3                               box 1

Shinn                     Your Word is your Wand 2                               box 1

Smedt et al            Lifearts                                                           box 4

Smith                     The Religions of Man                                       box 4

Spraggett              The New Edgar Cayce                                     box 2

Steiger                   In my Soul I am Free                                        box 3

Strabo                   How to Conduct a Candlight Service                box 1 rusty staples

Stuart                    Secrets from the Past                                      box 4

Trungpa                 Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism                box 2 ppr

Trungpa                 The Tibetan Book of the Dead                         box 2 ppr

Trungpa                 Journey Without Goals                                    box 2 ppr

Trungpa                 The Myth of Freedom                                      box 2 ppr

Trungpa                 Meditation in Action                                         box 2 ppr

Twitchell                 The Way of Dharma                                         box 3 ppr

Twitchell                 The Far Country                                               box 3

Twitchell                 The Shariyat Ki Sugmad                                  box 3

Twitchell                 Stranger by The River

Twitchell                 The Drums of ECK                                          box 3

Twitchell                 Letters to Gail (2 cpoies)                                  box 3

Twitchell                 Talons of Time                                                box 3

Twitchell                 The Kandjur (copy 2)                                       box 3

Twitchell                 The Kandjur (copy 1)                                       box 3

Van Over               Taoist Tales                                                    box 4

Various                  Folder of Eckankar Studies                             box 3

Viktoras                 Survival into the 20th Century                           box 4

Vishnudevananda   The Complete Illustrative Book of Yoga            box 4

Von Daniken          Charoit of the Gods                                         box 2

Wachtmeister         Reminiscences of Blavatsky                            box 1

Waite                     The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of          box 1

Wakefield              How do we know when it’s God?                      box 4

Wallnofer               Chinese Folk Medicine and Acupuncture

Wangyal                The Door of Liberation                                     box 4

Watts                     The Meaning of Happiness                              box 2

Watts                     Does It Matter                                                 box 2

White                     Kundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment            box 4

White                     The Ministry of Healing                                    box 2

Williams                 The Knack of Using Your Subconscious           box 2 w/jack

Wood                    Concentration                                                  box 1

Worth                    Crone’s Book of Words                                    box 1

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