How computers work 101.


If you are an “eldergarten” student this is your first homework assignment:

Your instructions:

Examine the following collection of links and comment in the “Leave a Reply” box at the very end. You will have to scroll down to get to the end,

(If you are not an “eldergarten” student or if you come to this site often, you are probably not even reading this anymore. Students are asked to read further.)

The blue word –> definitions is a hypertext link to the words that were discussed in “How computers work 101.”

The following is a collection of LINKS to various PAGES on the internet:

Click on the following link to go to the Medicare page:

LINKS to e-mail sites:

This is a LINK to our local paper:

Looking for a new job?  This site is typical of what’s out there:

Mouse drills:  <– very hard to do. Designed for test pilots in the Australian Air Force.

Computer usage and software applications tutorials and career advisory:

“Boomers on Line”, a Facebook page with job seeker ideas

To see if your password is weak or strong:

Here is a LINK that goes to an article about the Windows 8 operating system:

Click here for a youtube video about Windows 8 –>

Looking for a router for at home ? Try this infograph:

Typing Practice and Testing:  or  or  <– re-type a paragraph, with a timer.     or   or

Career advice from the State of North Carolina:

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a book every year called the, “Occupational Outlook Handbook” which you can download for free. It lists out job descriptions for each category of job.

A really cool application for free:  Greenshot image saver :

Students: To leave a reply, comment in the box at the end.

15 thoughts on “How computers work 101.”

  1. I am having trouble logging in to my email. Sometimes I get in OK and other times, even though I am doing the same thing, I can’t get in. I had to get my password re-set and it was very confusing. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Check to make sure that your “Caps Lock” on your keyboard is set for lower case. This causes more problems with logging in than any other problem I have seen. There might be an indicator light, make sure it is off. Passwords are sensitive to case (Capital letters and lower case letters are different). You can’t really tell which is which because password characters usually show up as dots when typed into the password box.

      If you don’t have an indicator light, type a few letters (not in a password box) to test if caps or lower case is on. The “Caps Lock” lock key is a toggle key, meaning that every time you hit it, it changes from upper case to lower case (back and forth).

  2. Do you know of where I can find some software that lets me write my own résumé, specific to a particular job opening?

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    1. Students, Please NOTICE !

      This phishing scheme is somewhat complimentary. Study it closely, they want our money.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I am a rookie as far as being up on Google traffic. This site is a safe place that I send my students to practice Internet access. I would like to learn more about what you suggested.

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