What I learned this past week (“from yesterday’s meeting”)

[from 4/21/2016] For those of you who weren't at writers group yesterday, the assignment for next week is - "Write what you learned this past week."  (From yesterday's meeting until our meeting time next Wednesday.) [S]ee you next week. Joann
I was looking forward to our Buffalo Writers Group meeting last week. I got up early; so early that the sun was just coming up over 1st Ave NW. It was a perfect early morning day. Out in my back yard, I went to many potential garden stations: a rock near the alley, three or four ready-but-empty planting sites surrounded by mulch and a dozen perennials already coming up in a large field of the same cedar chip mulch. Anxiously I went to check on the comfrey rhizomes that I transferred from Duluth  last November.
The comfrey was fine.
Suddenly, my attention was drawn to notice that within the healthy presentation of comfrey shoots an obvious raspberry sprig showed its lovely leaf. My gardener’s brain shifted to Duluth, MN, where I was the estate gardener to a vast, mature colony of raspberries.
If the shoots are just sticking out in Buffalo, they must be still dormant in Duluth.

I looked at my dumb phone to check the time. I selfishly noticed that “now” is the time to go to Duluth to get raspberry roots. But, what about the writers meeting? The raspberries won and I headed to Duluth with a shovel and a bucket.

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