To Bruce: Vivid Dream

4:30 AM

Good morning,

I just had a vivid dream that was real enough to tell you about it. First of all understand that I have a collection of recurring dreams that I cycle through, most of the settings are a factory floor and usually my persona is Deming on inspection.

This one was a little different. Location was your dad’s barn. He was talking out loud near a machine. He was giving orientation instructions to anyone in earshot not really directly to me. No one else was around so I tuned in as if he was talking to me but there was no eye contact. He said that a sign that he had put “in the line to gather [stuff]together was jamming the process” and directed that someone should repair the problem. Not sure that he was talking to me I sauntered around the front of the machine to see what was on the other side. This side was dark. There were outlets but no bulbs. I looked up to see your dad on top of the machine pulling out about a dozen packages of chicken and toss them gently into a neat stack on the floor.

Next, I think he was speaking directly to me, “We are qualified by standard to produce for [don’t remember] brand and [starting with an M] brand.” I looked up to see the sign that was stopping the production line as he casually walked away. I briefly wondered why the lighting was so poor here but felt an obligation to perform. As I approached  sign (about 8 inches by 20 inches, hung by the corners with hay wire) the dream ended.

I woke with a strong memory of your father and therefore, you.

Best regards,


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