Click Bait

In Facebook (and other places) there are postings that are designed to get you to “like” or “comment” or “share” for many reasons. Following is a partial list; maybe they look familiar:

“…don’t scroll past without an “amen” (usually accompanied by a gross photo)

“I wept at 1:25. You should get a box of tissues before you continue.

“You won’t believe what happens next…

“Comment with the first word you see (in a matrix of letters filing a box)

“No one ever reads my wall. Type any words to let me know we are still friends…”

“shake your head and comment on what you see.” (a blurry set of moirĂ© lines with a shadow of a kitten)

“Name a city with an A”

All of these request are done by predators that appeal to your sense of pity or gaming or friendship. They are made by people who could care less about the story they present. They are collecting your actions and selling them to social media vendors to make it look like links that they monitor for their customers are getting the results promised.

Don’t fall for these worthless pranks. They are called “click bait” because they exist only to hook you into some nonsense that only serves their needs, not empathy for some false cause or momentum for a worthy cause.


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