Network is a Verb and a Noun

Network is a noun and a verb.

Network is a noun, the collection of persons, places and things that we know about (or should get to know) that may have ideas on how we find employment. Examples of “a network” are our past employers, friends, relatives, fellow bus-riders, tennis partners, members of our church, the guy across the table at bingo, etc.

Network is a verb that describes how we expand our collection of persons, places and things that will eventually lead us to employment. Examples of “networking” are joining job boards, social media, talking to everyone about needing a job and informational interviews.

2 thoughts on “Network is a Verb and a Noun”

  1. I told everyone in my book club that I was looking for a part time job and my friend said her sister’s husband was looking for a receptionist at his dental office. I got his phone number but should I just call him or stop in there?

  2. Give him a phone call or e-mail and ask if you could come in for an informal interview. Be sure to mention that you learned about the opening from your friend, etc.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    Many job coaches say that “cold calls” get results.

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