Admit you are looking

The first serious act of an effective job search is do an assessment of your situation. If you are like most of the under-employed I have talked to, you don’t really know what your true skills set is. There are many places to do an assessment.

The Department of Labor has provided a great starting point for job seekers:
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The State of Minnesota has a full range of job seeking ideas:

ISEEK is Minnesota’s comprehensive career, education, and job resource. This is a basic assessment site to help you focus your job search:

The Federal Government has a collection of ideas on many kind of jobs:         My Next Move

5 thoughts on “Admit you are looking”

    1. Thanks Betty,
      One can never do too many assessments. Every time you look at yourself you have a chance to notice something new (old?).
      Thanks for the links. I hope others will find them helpful.

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