Job Boards

There are 100’s of job boards.

Some of them are flavored to a specific area of employment. When I graduated college, I joined a health care job board at

I have checked my account there many times and it was active for over six years. (If you click on it now you will get the dreaded “The Webpage Can’t Be Found 404 error”).

Be careful though, even on active sites. Many predatory job boards assume that you are not working and they will try to convince you that the problem is that you don’t have enough education.  Some job boards are sponsored by schools that will try to convince you that you need more schooling before you will ever get a job. This may or may not be true in your case.

Once you do select a few job boards to join, you should visit each one at least once a week to generate  a little momentum.  Don’t trivialize the importance of the book work needed to keep your job search effort “like a job.”

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The original job board was acquired by another company, but my account transferred over automatically for six years. Then the link died.

Be careful.


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