Ryan Dube: The Art of Creating a Successful Blog

The following link has some solid ideas about blogging:


…from the article:

Ryan Dube,” So, I turned to a passion that I’ve had since I was just a kid – writing. I’ve always had an overwhelming love for the written word, and the joy created by a well-crafted sentence. At the time in 2006, I didn’t think it was possible to really earn anything by writing, but I started doing it online just for the joy of it. I loved crafting articles, and if I could earn a few pennies in the process, all the better.”

Ryan Dube,” What this feedback from Joshua made clear is that there is a lot to be said for how much investment you have up front when starting a blog. While there are lots of things that can lead to success – like a great editorial team, brilliant content ideas and a beautiful layout – ultimately the principle of “money talks” still holds true in the world of blogging.

At the very least, it can dramatically improve your odds of success in a shorter period of time.”


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