Can you journal inside an empty blog?

sun          mon        tue         wed        thurs          fri         sat

30           31              1                   2               3            4               5                                       6               7             8                    9                 10           11         12                                  13          14            15                16             17         18                                                     19

14 Wausau trip leave

15 Lunch or Dinner with Lorna and Wayne

17 BlueGrass fest at 6:30

My blog has been out here for years. It has never had traffic. This proves two things; that blogs need to be promoted and that I don’t promote my blog very well.

But rather than throw everything away, I think I will just use it to journal my daily stuff.

For example, I can get a working calendar and link to it from my ipad.

7/31/18 I can add lines like this to record fleeting thoughts to “paper”