The Bishop Will Speak

There is a dinner and speech with the Bishop at St. Bartholomew Parish tonight.  When I registered last week I had a vision of meeting someone who shares my zealotry. Here is the tweet: 

Men, why did God become a Man and not a woman? Bishop  will speak on this after prayer & dinner. Tues. 6:30pm @ St. Bart’s. sign up here:

For full disclosure I should mention that my original intent was to go there and start a fight.


Rapids of Change

Just before we left Wausau to take a job in Milwaukee, I had been in correspondence with Robert Theobald, a futurist from Arizona. I was on a mailing list with a hundred other people but Mr. Theobald made us all feel like we would be the ones to save a corner of civilization after the collapse of our society. This was in the mid-80s.

I dropped out of the thought-of-the-month-club to concentrate on my new job.

Last week, after thirty years, I found the original 3-ring binder that I got from Mr. Theobald. I looked up online to find a book he published in 1987 that was the result of his mailing list feedback.  The book pretty much follows the latest edition of the mailed edition.

He encouraged us to do our own thing with “the work.”

To that end and to honor the late gentleman, I am using his published book as an outline to publish the experience of meetings taking place at the Monticello Community Center on Thursdays at 9AM.