Late call

10pm call. I was reminded that I promised to send a paper report of the so-called writing I claim to do.

Now it’s 11pm and I find myself actually working. I built some file folders for stacked bills: cable billed paid, put with others; dental information in new folder; “Meet-ups in new folder; messy pencils pushed into the crock where they go; USBs labeled and put in the bag; tape measure put with tools; tabletop now cleared.

Foot space below work table cleared enough to allow ergonomic sitting. Re-boxed archived job search files for move to storage. (kept current info)


There was some discussion about the budget; we watch much less on Netflix because there are very few movies that are any good. Someone suggested that there are other things to watch on Netflix besides movies. Try serial drama.

It was at the end of season one, after 20 episodes of “Friday Night Lights”, that it occurred to me that the writers or directors or producers- someone was packaging up passion in a way that kept us watching, addicted.  I have a deal breaker when it comes to television or movie drama. I will not tolerate a dirty cop. It so happens that there was a particular scene that allowed us to snap out of it and stop watching. Landy had just killed a man for the second attempted rape of Tyra. The dialog shifted to state that Landy’s dad was a cop (here is the epiphany) so the teen agers decided to throw the dead body into the river. In reality, if Landy’s dad was a cop he would not have acted that way. Landy was shown to be really smart so his actions were way out of character.

I learned later that his dad decided to destroy evidence when he learned about his son’s gallantry, but that’s another story.  I was able to stop the addiction. The drama was no longer compelling.

A few days later, after a failed new-year’s resolution to stop watching TV, the extended same thought flashed across my mental filter. While watching Law and Order, my all time favorite show, it occurred to me that all TV dramas are a packaging of passion. (click)

I sat down here, at the blog, to renounce Law and Order.  It feels good right now, let’s see how that plays out.


John’s father died when he was young. This will serve as a model to relate to other fatherless souls.

Mike’s dad was deaf. This will help relate to those whose fathers did not listen very well yet still made a living.

Resolutions, early on, have little happiness as an effect. Also, motivation to comply with the plan is almost non-existent. The two sentences above are a result of last night’s sleep-thinking. It seemed like a lot more information at the time. Later on, as the saying goes, edits and revisions will occur that will flesh out the body of a good idea. For now, they serve as markers on a new path. Anne Lamont would smile sarcastically at my minimal effort.