Merry Christmas

This Christmas is occurring four days late. Originally held on the solstice, modern convention has had it slide away for commercial reasons. Personally, I have prayerfully made an effort to respect the occasion as my pagan forefathers did. On the solstice I consciously recognize that with the longer length of days, more energy is coming to us rather than less energy. We are more equipped to battle the forces of darkness.

Initially this behavior will upset some of my friends. They will not be able to understand my methodology, my motives, my actions or my intentions.

Wow, this is cool. I can come back here and edit this message without worrying about how an incomplete posting will affect my social media status. I have opinions about many things that a lot of people thing are “wacky conspiracies”. But in this place, my place, I get to run wind because nobody gives a shit anyway. Or sure, I’ll keep it online. Most social media effort is geared toward liking everything. Because I already know that nobody will like my message, no special security will be necessary. This reminds me a little of Superman comics where there was a “bizarro” world which was the opposite of our normal world.

Anyone who has shared my philosophy.

good books

“Christendom Destroyed, Europe 1717-1648” by Mark Greengrass, Viking, 2014

“Cervantes, a Biography” by William Byron, Paragon House, 1978

Why mention this in a blog?  For one thing this blog is not very busy. It has not been sponsored by a moneyed agenda or analyzed with Google Ads. I am the only reader, as far as I can prove. This posting is an exercise, shades of Anne Lamont who recommended writing to writers who want to write.

My talking about writing has been going on since my stillborn graduation from college over 5 years ago. This good book is hitting so many points in my own thinking and talking that I know I must finish it before I get back to my roman a clef about John and Mike.

Could be that I am not a writer after all. My talking about writing may be a coping skill that I invented in order to save face upon graduating into a vacuum.

As long as the domain name and site server has been paid for I can at least use the blog as a personal journal.


St. John of the Cross wrote over 100 one line advisories that he handed to individuals that were interested in his way of strengthening their faith. Cervantes’ sister was the prioress at a convent across the street from John’s first legal monastery so it is likely that she received or read some of John’s “maxims.”

Cervantes wrote 17 maxims as advice from Don Quixote to Sancho Panza when he was Governor of an “insula.”  Insula is usually translated as “island” but I find it curious that the modern translation is an area deep within our brain.

I will use this post to give the first example. (later)