Workin’ Hard

I used to cringe when government heads used the expression “workin’ hard.”

Now I get it. I have “worked hard” for the last month. I spent money. I studied for hours, logged over 30.    I had to brush up on terminal commands. I worked hard but most of the time nothing worked.

Once in a while the screen would turn the right color and I would giggle like a school girl getting a gold star from the teacher.

But now I am happy to be away from all that.

A conversation with my daughter turned my attention away from building a workbench to “capture, repair and return web sites to the cloud.”

I have learned that WordPress is a lot like MS-Access. The widgits act like queries with report properties.


Confession:  Bless me Father for I have over-engineered life, again.

Penance: Watch more YouTube tutorials about WordPress until you can “play it like ringing a bell.”


Friday morning

As one could notice, there have been changes to the site. I have started blogging just now.

This means, by rule, that something must go out at least 0nce a week.

In the case of an event needing people to show up in large numbers, look for “activist” on the category pick list.