Fake Blog Messages

Attention Blog Administrators.

Occasionally I get a message to my blog complimenting my style, or my content or my blog in general. I do not know the sender or the original source.

I wondered why this person would be so friendly. Then, one day I received a very long message that had many complimentary messages all mixed up in one big mess.

To look at the long message click here: Big Mess

If you study it a little bit you will notice that it was not intended to be sent in its entirety. The user was supposed to make a message using only one of the word choices that are in the brackets; only in one of the paragraphs. If you have been running your blog very long, I am sure that you will recognize some of the messages.


Why would someone send a brief (usually flattering) message without even looking at you blog? In social media there is a term called “Pay Per Click” (PPC). Revenue (money) is generated when someone clicks on something. The empty messages contained in the script (see Big Mess) are supposed to encourage you to click on the message. When you do you will be routed to a site that will try to sell you something. The person who sent you the pretend message can collect the clicks and get money for them, whether you buy something or not.

Look for clues.

One big clue to the fake nature of your “new friend’s” message is the return address he uses. Look for a clue in his address that mentions “NFL jerseys”, or “discounted (anything)”, or something that has nothing to do with your blogging that is being complimented. Another clue of a phony message is that your content will be alluded to but never really mentioned specifically. Remember if a real person is impressed by your message, his message will continue the conversation, not just speak in vague terms about how wonderful your site is.